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'Juice-Fasting' means to live purely on juices. One cannot live the
whole life only on juice-diet or juice-fasting. It is true that, if you take
fruit and vegetable-juices throughout life, you can live. But permanent
juice-fasting excessively weakens the digestive system, the teeth, the
muscles and other organs. Therefore, one should not resolve to live on
juice-diet alone for the whole life.

Nethertheless, it should be remembered that, if juice-diet is adopted
for the cure of disease, it should be continued in a limited quantity even
after the disease has been cured. After the relief from disease, one
should not be careless to the body, for carelessness to the body is
injurious to health. juice-diet is a rejuvenator of the body and bestower
of health and vitality. it-one continues taking it regularly in a fixed
quantity, one's life will be happy, peaceful, efficient and healthy.
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