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The time-limit of juice-diet.

A partaker of juice-diet would naturally ask a question: 'How long should
juice-diet be continued?' There is another question also: 'Can anyone live on
juice-diet for a long time?' Expert dieticians with wide experience agree that a
person can live his entire life on juice-diet and wheat grass juice and yet
maintain health and energy.

Then, how can we obtain carbohydrates, fats, protein, sugar and other various
constituents of food necessary for the body? Proteins and sugar may be obtained
from juices, but it is not feasible to get fats from a juice-diet. Vitamins, minerals
and enzymes are available from juices.

According to one expert opinion, juice-diet cannot satisfy protein requirement
of the body throughout the life. juice-diet is also costly. In our country, fruits
and vegetables are not easily and cheaply available. Furthermore, it is a
characteristic of human nature that man wants varieties. He will be tired of living
on only juice-diet, leaving off tasty and delicious meals.
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