"Give Me 20 Minutes and I'll Give You a Master's Course In Organic Cooking!"

Best Part: You don't need to be a chef to prepare and enjoy these delicious recipes!

Dear Friend,

If you have any interest at all in organic cooking... if you want to eat healthier and do your part to help the environment... or you are interested in growing your own organic foods... then this website was written just for you.

Here's why..

My Twin Passions Bring You Organic Cooking!

I'm not much of a writer... but I like to write, you could say it's like one of my passions.

And I absolutely LOVE to cook!

In fact, cooking is one of my favorite things to do. No matter how busy I am, I take time each night to make sure I cook my own dinner.

Heck, come to think of it...I'm probably in the small 10% of people in the US who still takes the time to sit down and eat a home-cooked meal with the family at dinner time!

Anyway, it's these two passions which were the “seeds” which grew into this website…

How I Became An Organic Cooking Genius

Okay, I'm not really an organic cooking genius. But my friends all think I am. Here's why...

I really decided I was going to figure this organic cooking thing out...so I started studying.

I talked to everyone I knew who had cooked anything organic (a good place to start).

I got some magazines, some books, and started reading a lot of web sites about organic cooking. Here's what I found out...

It's Easier Than You Think!

Turns out organic cooking is not complicated once you know a few basics. In fact, it's way easier (and in most cases healthier!) than trying to cook by some crazy fad diet guidelines!

Some of the reasons are:

• Organic food is readily available at most grocery stores

• The preparation methods aren't all that different (if you can already cook, you're half way there!)

• You can EASILY grow your own foods to cook (no farm needed!)

• Organic foods are free of man-made chemicals, poisons, and pesticides – they're much healthier for you!

And you don't need to be a great cook to enjoy this “organic lifestyle”.

That's the big secret.

In fact, what I discovered was that there are only a few key tricks and “guidelines” that can make you TEN TIMES better at cooking organically once you know them.

Here's the problem...

There's No Simple Guide

I searched and searched for a good simple guide to organic cooking.

You know, a booklet that was low on fluff and just tells me what I need to know about organic cooking.

I don't want to know all the technical details, or read a bunch of stories about how the cooking methods were developed, etc.

I just want to know...what are the basic tips that pro organic chefs know that would make organic cooking a lot easier?

Just teach me those tips, was what I was thinking.

I couldn't find such a booklet.

So I compiled all my research and life experience with organic cooking, and had one created!

The Secrets Of Cooking Like a Pro Organic Chef -- Every Time!

This is the guide I was looking for but couldn't find. It's called Guide to Organic Cooking. And here's just some of what's inside...

All about Organic Foods – what the difference is between organic foods and the other traditionally grown food you can buy at the grocery store (pages 6-12)

6 powerful reasons you would want to switch to organic foods: if you're still debating, these six reasons will give you the extra incentive to make the switch! (page 12-14)

How to make the switch to only eating organic foods – A concise plan of action for how to make the switch to organic foods easy… and… fun! (pages 14-19)

17 organic breakfast food recipes – They not only taste great… but they'll get your day started off healthy and on the right foot! (pages 20-40)

4 organic bread recipes! These organic bread recipes make carbs healthy again! (pages 41-44)

12 salivating soups and salad recipes! You can fix these as great starters for dinner… or… as a super-healthy mid-day snack! (pages 46-56)

11 tasty starters and side dishes: Organic Appetizers and side dishes to go with virtually any meal will turn your ordinary “mealtime” into culinary experiences! (pages 57-67)

15 mouth-watering main course meals! These organic main course meals PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that eating organic isn't just healthy… but is incredibly delicious! (pages 68-83)

4 delicious dessert dishes! If you have a sweet tooth… then you absolutely must have these luscious organic cheesecake, chocolate, and custard recipes! (pagess 84-87)

5 delectable drinks. These are the healthy, organic substitutes you'll crave on those hot summer days! (pages 88-93)

Ten steps to growing your own herb garden. This is one of the easiest gardens to grow… and… these steps will make it a hassle-free and fun experience to grow your own herbs to cook with! (pages 94-95)

How to grow your own vegetable garden. Growing your own vegetables is one of the greatest pleasures of organic cooking… here's 9 simple suggestions (I learned from trial and error!) to make it easy for you. (page 96)

How to correctly compost: This is the secret organic gardening pros use to never worry about getting good, nutrient-rich topsoil for their gardens! (pages 96-97)

• Plus much, much more!

This just scratches the surface of what's in the book.

I give you everything you need to really get started in your new hobby.

I'm sure that right about now, you're wondering...

How Much Does The Book Cost?

The real question is ask is: how much is it worth to finally know all the inside secrets and info about organic cooking you've always wanted to know?

I suppose you could do what most people do -- just "make it up as you go", and use the "trial and error" method.

But why not take advantage of the experience and knowledge I've put into this simple book?

And I boil it all down for you in very simple, easy to understand terms. Less than 100 pages -- no fluff, all information you can put to work right now.

Order your copy of the book for just $14.95.

You Get The Book

 Downloadable eBook. You can be reading Guide to Organic Cooking in as little as 2 minutes from right now (even if it's 2am on a Sunday!). My automated system will deliver your copy as a downloadable PDF file (which can be read on any computer). You can read the book on your computer, or you can print it out if you like.
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