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Must-Have Cinnamon Rolls

I’ve named this recipe a “Must-Have” recipe for a reason, but if you don’t like
baking and doing time consuming things, then this is definitely not the thing
you want to do. It takes about 2 hours to go through the whole thing, although
admittedly 1 hour is spent mainly in waiting for the dough to rise.

It’s a really great recipe however, and if you ever get the baking and dough-
making bug, then I would suggest that you try your hand at this even over the
bread recipes which I have included in one of the following sections.

What you can be guaranteed is that if you like cinnamon, this is a scrumptious

For the Filling
        1 cup Brown Sugar
        2 ¼ tbsp powdered Cinnamon
        1-2 tbsp butter

For the Dough
         4 cups All Purpose Flour
         2 Eggs
         1 cup Milk (of your choice), warm
         ½ cup granulated Sugar
         ⅓ cup melted Butter
         2¼ tsp Active Dry Yeast
         1 tsp Salt

    First you need to make the dough, so take a large mixing bowl and place
    the yeast, a pinch of sugar and the warmed milk inside. Stir slightly and
    let it sit for about 5 minutes or until it becomes frothy.

    Then add the remainder of the sugar along with half of the flour, the
    melted butter, the eggs, and the salt.

    If you have a mixer with paddle attachments, you can use this to mix the
    ingredients together. Use the “Low” setting and do this for about 1
    minute or so.

    The remainder of the flour should also be incorporated into this mixture
    during his time, and it is best if you do so in two different times.

    After you have fully incorporated all the ingredients, take it out of the
    bowl and knead the dough for about 3 minutes or until it becomes soft
    and pliable.

    You can then place the dough back in your mixing bowl and cover it with
    cheesecloth or cling film and leave it aside to rise, for about 1 hour.

    For the filling, all you need to do is to mix the cinnamon powder and the
    brown sugar in a bowl together, and you can do this while the dough is

    Before you get to the dough again however, you will need to first flour a
    clean, flat surface in preparation to rolling out the dough. You will also
    need to preheat the oven to 400oF.

    The dough should be rolled out into a rectangle of about 16”x21” and be
    about ¼" thick.  You can then spread the butter on one side of the
    dough, and sprinkle the cinnamon and brown sugar mixture over that.

    You can then roll the dough (width-wise that is) so that it looks like a
    Swiss roll. From this you can then cut about 12 pieces down the length of
    the roll.

    Place these onto either cake pans, or baking tins (you might need more
    than one), and place in the oven for about 10 minutes.

    Take out and leave to cool slightly before serving. You can dust over with
    icing sugar as well if you like.

Preparation Time: 2 hours
Serves: makes 12 cinnamon rolls
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