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Morning Peach Cobbler

   2 fresh Peaches
   ⅓ cup of Apple juice (or sweet juice of your choice)
   ¼ cup Granola (or Corn Flakes)
   ¼ cup of microwaveable Porridge Oats
   Pinch of cinnamon
   1 tbsp Brown Sugar

    First mix the Porridge oats and the Granola, and separate out 1/3 of the
    mixture. Place this in a microwaveable dish or large coffee cup as you
    Slice the peaches, and layer them on top of the granola-oats mixture,
    adding a dash of the apple juice. Layer again with the mixture and
    alternate with the peach slices and juice.

    After laying the last layer of granola-oats mixture drizzle a little more of
    the apple juice to moisten the entire thing and sprinkle the cinnamon
    over it.

    Next microwave it on high for about 2- 2½ minutes, and let it cool before

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Serves: makes 1 (large!) serving
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