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Easy Patty Melt

1 Burger (your choice of filling)
 2 Cheese slices (your choice)
 2 slices Bread        

    To make the patty melt cook the burger so that it is well done. While the
    burger is cooking prepare the “bun”.  On one slice of bread lay a piece of

    As soon as your burger is cooked, put this on top of the cheese. Layer
    the burger with yet another slice of cheese. Close off the “bun” by
    placing your other slice of bread on top of the cheese slices and the

    Put a little margarine in a frying pan to prevent sticking. Place the Patty
    Melt burger bun in the frying pan and lightly grill the burger and the bun.

    When the cheese starts melting remove from pan. Place on a plate with
    a tomato slice as a garnish. Delicious and simple        

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Serves: makes 1 serving
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