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Crispy Cauliflower

         1 whole Cauliflower, chopped into flowerets
         12 Kalamata, (Greek Olives which have been cured in brine)
         4 tbsp fresh Flat Leaf Parsley, chopped
         4 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
         2 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
         4 tsp Capers, drained and finely chopped

    First you need to combine the vinegar, 3 tbsp oil, olives and capers
    together in a small bowl. Leave aside to marinate in juices.

    While these ingredients are marinating, heat the rest of the oil in a large
    non-stick pan. Cook the cauliflower over medium high heat for 10

    Cover the pan with a lid or a piece of foil if your pan doesn’t have any lid.
    Stir occasionally.  

    Next you will need to remove and keep aside the pan lid so that you can
    see the progress of the cooking cauliflower.

    To make the cauliflower flowerets taste great, sauté the flowerets until
    they are brown and tender, but firm. There should be a 5 to 10 minutes
    cooking period for the cauliflower to become browned.

    When the cauliflower is ready, transfer to a bowl and toss with the olive
    mixture and the chopped parsley. Make sure that all of the cauliflower is
    well coated in the mixture. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

    Arrange the cauliflower dish on a platter and serve immediately whilst
    still hot.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Serves: makes 4-6 servings
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