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Organic Coconut Bread

    1 cup unsweetened Coconut
    2 cups Flour
    1 cup Milk
    ¾ cup Sugar
    1 large Egg
    2 tbsp Applesauce
    1 tbsp Baking powder
    2 tbsp Oil
    ½ tsp Salt
    A dash of Vanilla

    First of all, preheat your oven to 350oF.  While the oven is preheating,
    take a skillet and put it over a medium fire. Lightly toast the coconut until
    golden brown.

    Stir it to keep it from burning, and take off the heat as soon as it turns
    golden brown as coconut will burn very quickly.

    Next take a large bowl and combine all of the dry ingredients, first sifting
    the flour. Take another bowl and combine all of the wet ingredients

    Now mix in the wet ingredients with the dry ones, and blend in well.
    Grease a bread pan and pour in this bread mixture. Place it in the oven
    for about 45 minutes, when the bread should be a golden brown color.

    Take out of the oven and place on a wire rack to cool.

Preparation Time: 60 minutes
Serves: makes 1 loaf
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