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Coconut & Carrot Soup

    ⅔ cup of Coconut milk
    3 very large Carrots, sliced
    1 large Sweet Potato, diced
    1 large Onion, chopped
    4 cloves Garlic, chopped
    2 tbsp of freshly sliced Ginger
    1 tsp Curry Powder
    3 cups of Vegetable Broth (Chicken broth can also be used)
    Salt & Pepper to taste

    Take 1 tbsp of the broth and heat in a saucepan. Add the Onions and
    sauté in the broth for about 5 minutes. Don’t let the pan burn, or the
    onions to stick to the pan, so stir frequently.

    Next add the garlic and ginger with the curry powder and sauté for
    another minute. You can then add the carrots, the sweet potato and the
    broth to the mix and simmer on a medium high heat for about 15 minutes.

    You can then add the coconut milk and bring to a boil, before taking off
    the fire.

    Next, blend all the ingredients. Make sure to blend the mixture in small
    batches so as not to burn yourself. You can then add the salt and pepper
    to taste and reheat.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Serves: makes 4 servings
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