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Appliances in Magnetic Therapy

Following are some magnetic appliances used in magnet therapy:

  • Strong Encased Magnets (SEM) - Cylindrical magnets are used in pairs and each
    magnet has a gauss power of 2000-2500 with a lifting capacity of about 8 to 10 kg of
    iron-weight. Each magnet has either a south or a north pole on the top and is
    appropriately marked 'N' or 'S', denoting north or south.

    These magnets are found suitable for general application to palm~ of hands or to soles
    of feet in case of adults. These can also be used for local application to the knees or
    thighs or any muscular part but should be avoided for application to delicate organs like
    brain or heart. All rheumatic affections or allied complaints require such types of
    magnets and hence are recommended

    for arthritis, cervical spondylosis, lumbago, polio,sciatica,gout, painful urination, kidney-
    stone, gall-bladder stone, painful menstruation in women and eczema. These magnets
    are also used for magnetisation of water or oil.

    Do not use these magnets for young children or infants.

  • Medium-Power Encased Magnets (MEM) - The medium-power magnets have a
    gauss strength of 1000 to 1500 and are smaller in size than the strong magnets. These
    magnets are useful for young children and for application to brain or for general
    application to palms of hands or soles of feet. Some of the diseases that find its
    application suitable are toothache, earache, insomnia, eruptions on the face and head,
    mumps, hydrocele, sinusitis and headache.

  • Curved Ceramic Magnets (CCM) - These are low-power none metallic magnets and
    have a gauss power of about 200-300. These magnets are suitable for infants and for
    application to the delicate and curved portions of the body and hence find their
    application in diseases like tonsillitis, conjunctivitis and defective memory.

    These magnets are liable to break on falling down on a hard surface and therefore
    require greater care in maintenance than the metallic types. The marking of the poles is
    done on the curved portion and not on the convex surface.

    These magnets are kept clamped together and not by means of a separate keeper, as is
    required in the case of the encased magnets.

  • Strong Uncased Magnets (SUM) - These are special types of strong uncased magnets
    with a gauss power of 2500 to 3000 and are mainly used in tumours, outgrowths and
    various forms of cancers. One of the main advantages of this type of magnet is that each
    magnet is bipolar - both north and south poles are found on the two extremes and are
    useful for almost all diseases. Hence, a pair of magnets can be used in different
    combinations like two north or south poles or north and south poles, depending upon the
    type of disease. For instance in certain cases, the use of two similar poles induces
    abortion in pregnant women. Similarly, in the case of cancer, two north poles are used

  • Use of Smaller Magnets - It is not taboo to use smaller low power magnets in case of
    non-availability of the above type of magnets, though similar results cannot be expected
    from such magnets as the high-power magnets. In case you desire to use any non-
    descript small magnet for treating any affection, say, rheumatism of the knee, you
    should tie up the south pole of the magnet over the painful knee by means of a bandage
    or handkerchief.

    These magnets require a longer duration of exposure, say, for several hours.
    Advantageous to keep such magnets tied overnight and remove them in the morning,
    followed by a gentle massage of the part.

  • Lumbar spondylitic belt - It is used to treat lumbar spondylitis, slip disc, disc
    prolapsed, lumbage, etc, and to a certain extent, reduces extra fat on the abdomen,
    when the magnet area is placed in front.

  • Cervical collar or belt - This is used in cases of cervical spondylitis. It helps the
    studying children because they sit and write continuously for long hours, and strain their
    neck muscles, a pre-stage of spondylosis.

  • Wristbands - They are in the form of beautiful bracelets. They are used to treat high or
    low blood pressure at initial stages, and improve the blood circulation.

  • Necklaces - These are used to keep the chest in perfect health, especially the heart
    and lungs.

  • Button magnets - These are Japanese magnets of very small size. They are fixed to
    the sole of the shoe or taped to the skin on the acupressure points to give the desired
    result without actually puncturing with the needle. These are also seen to be very
    effective in various other diseases and seem to be opening new domains of treatment by

  • Magnetised water - This is prepared by keeping the water on each pole of high power
    magnets for 12 to 24 hours. After this, the water of two poles is mixed and then used for
    drinking purpose. It is an effective diuretic and a blood cleanser.

  • Magnetised oil - Any oil is magnetised by keeping it on the magnets for 12 to 24 hours.
    It is very effective for dandruff, falling of hair and premature greying of hair.

Click here for a step by step guide to a flat belly and weight loss!

Click here for a step by step guide to a flat belly and weight loss!

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