Click here for a step by step guide to a flat belly and weight loss!

Click here for a step by step guide to a flat belly and weight loss!

Fundamental of Magnetic Therapy

The earth itself is considered as a huge magnet with its magnetic poles being in line and close to
its geographical poles. This is the reason why the tiny compass needle always points towards
the geographical North Pole.

All substances are made up of atoms. The outer sphere of these atoms has electrons. Every
atom has an. electrical charge: negative or positive, and it is the motion of electrons that create
a magnetic field.

This makes each atom have its own magnetic field and force around it, which attracts other
atoms. Thus, the atom has its own magnetic force besides the influence or impact of the earth's
magnetic force. So, two types of magnetic energies act on each atom, cell or living being.
All human bodies are also enveloped in the magnetic field which has been termed as the astral
body by the occultists. Man's vital, mental and physical health and its spiritual development is
represented in the constitution of the invisible astral body or the magnetic field of the body.

The occultists have developed techniques to read the character and destiny, or to diagnose the
patient's ailments by perceiving and decoding his astral aura.

According to this, every individual has a magnetic aura around their physical body which may
be influenced by the aura of other bodies. That is the reason for liking or disliking an individual
even before knowing him or her. The spiritual people exercise a deep impact on the
consciousness of the common man when he comes in contact with them. This is because the
magnetic field of such people are highly purified, strong, and occupy a greater range in space.
Any evil thought present in the mind of common people of smaller magnetic strength, is
eradicated by the stronger magnetic field. Similar is the case with physical illness also.

This is true Reiki treatment as well. When a healthy individual with a stronger magnetic field and
energy touches the affected part of a patient or a weak individual, the transmission of energy
takes place from the stronger to the weaker, and thus imparts curative energy required for
healing the patient.

But we are here dealing with the physical ailment and disease, where magnet therapy has a role
to play. This deals with the state when the sickness has transcended the vital and the mental
level to the physical level. Here, the sickness exhibits symptoms and signs on the physical body,
such as, pain, stiffness etc. Here we have subjective and objective symptoms to deal with. The
human body is so weak that we have to give it magnetism in controlled quantities by creating
artificial magnetic fields around permanent healing magnets.

The human body is constantly discharging emanations representing magnetism or electrical
discharges. Electricity and magnetism are simultaneously produced in our body as they have
the same basic energy, with a similar linked action. Magnetism is being produced by the body
due to the presence of ferromagnetic substances in the body, like sodium, potassium, chlorine
ions, iron, etc. Organs like the brain, heart, nerves, muscles and tissues create their own
magnetic fields of different intensities. The strongest magnetic field is created by the human
brain and that too, during sleep.

These magnetic fields fluctuate with the changing mind of the individual and change in the
physical environment inside the body. These fluctuations are instantly reflected in the astral
body. Scientists have made devices and instruments to measure the fluctuating magnetic fields
of individual organs - heart, brain, lungs, muscles and so on. Maximum magnetic field is
produced by the brain - 108 gauss and heart - 107 gauss.

Magnet therapy helps to maintain the equilibrium of magnetic fields inside the body with the help
of man-made magnets.

Substances or materials that carry many atomic dipoles are called ferromagnetic, such as
Lodestone etc. These also constitute magnetic ores. If these substances are touched by a
permanent magnet, they can be charged permanently. This is how we prepare permanent
healing magnets, which are used in medical treatment.

Click here for a step by step guide to a flat belly and weight loss!

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