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Precautions During Magnetic Therapy Treatment

Certain precautions ought to be observed during the course of magnetic application to avoid
certain untoward reactions in certain sensitive individuals and to derive maximum benefit
from such treatment., The present knowledge of the effect of biomagnetism suggests that there
are no harmful or adverse
effects observed in human beings or higher animals. However, precautions are necessary in the
use of magnets due to, their intrinsic properties of improving the circulation, generation of heat,
etc. These precautions are given below.

  • Avoid intake of cold drinks or eatables during or after the application of magnets, as
    these may unnecessarily dampen the effect of heat produced during such application. A
    cold bath should also be avoided immediately after the application at least for an hour.
    However, hot drinks may be taken during or after the application if desired.

  • Do not apply magnets immediately after a full meal but only after about two hours.
    Certain persons experience a sensation of nausea or vomiting if they apply magnets
    soon after meals. Also, as the blood circulation is mainly geared towards the alimentary
    canal soon after meals, the efficiency of the magnetic application may be considerably

  • Do not apply strong' or medium-power magnets to delicate parts like brain, heart or
    eyes. Ceramic magnets are suitable for application to these organs - for not more than
    15 minutes.

  • Pregnant women should not apply strong magnets - of SEM or SUM type - as these may
    sometimes induce abortion, especially if two similar poles such as north poles or south
    poles are used simultaneously. Also medium-power and ceramic magnets should not be
    applied directly over the womb.

  • Magnetised water recommended in various diseases should be taken in moderate doses.
    (Click Here to See Dosage) The over-use of magnetised water may unnecessarily over-
    activate an organism and hence the same should only be used in medicinal doses. This
    water should not be kept within easy reach of children.

  • Strong encased magnets of about 2000 gauss power have immense attractional
    properties and therefore clamp together forcefully when brought near each other. If not
    careful, your fingers may be trapped in between and may be badly crushed. It may be
    more so in the case of children. Hence care should be exercised in handling magnets
    and children should not be allowed to use these as playthings.

  • When not i in use, the magnets, except the ceramic, should be kept with a suitable
    keeper to avoid loss of magnetism. Similarly, the magnets should not be allowed to fall
    on hard ground or remain near a fire as that may severely affect their magnetic
    properties and may necessitate recharging.

  • Some of the sophisticated electrical equipments and certain clocks and watches if not
    well protected against magnetism may be severely damaged if brought in close vicinity
    of these strong magnets. It is preferable to advise the patient applying magnets to
    remove their watches when commencing the application. The magnets should therefore
    be kept away from any electrical or electronic equipment.

  • Do not expose the magnets to rain or high humidity as these may slowly corrode them
    and may therefore necessitate repolishing and cleaning. It is advisable to replace the
    magnets in the polyethelene pouches which are provided together with the magnets.
    This will increase their functional life.

  • The first sitting with magnets should always be in the presence of a magnetotheraplst.
    You should not just hand over the magnets to the patient with the necessary instructions
    on their application. Some patients may over-react to the application and unnecessarily
    become apprehensive of the treatment. Depending upon the reaction of each individual
    patient,  the duration and mode of application of magnets should be recommended.

  • Care should be exercised in prescribing and slip-shod methods of prescribing avoided.
    Never use the wrong type of pole in local applications either due to ignorance or because
    you are not too sure about the correct application. As we know, the north and south
    poles have varying modalities of application and should therefore be applied with due
    regard to their therapeutic peculiarities.

Click here for a step by step guide to a flat belly and weight loss!

Click here for a step by step guide to a flat belly and weight loss!

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