Fundamentals of Juices

  • Juices offer you the essential concentration of nutrients in the best proportion to
    nourish and synergise your body.

  • The juices of fresh fruits and vegetables are the richest sources of minerals,
    vitamins         and enzymes.

  • The less the food is processed, the more it  retains its active nutrients.

  • Always remember to have fresh produce, and extract the juice only when required,
    instead of storing it for days.

  • Avoid bottled, canned or frozen juices for these are usually preserved with chemicals,
    which destroy the healthy nutrients.

  • To add a wide variety of nutrient-rich beverages into one's diet, have juices.

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  • Since fibre is essential for good health, it is recommended that juice intake should be
    complemented by a high-fibre diet.

  • It is always better to take fresh fruits and vegetables in the form of juices than depend
    on vitamin and mineral pills, because nutrients combined naturally in food, work much
    more effectively than in the pill form.

  • You may combine raw fruit and vegetable juices if you do not experience any adverse

  • It is recommended that organically grown produce should be used more, as it is free
    from exposure to harmful sprays, like pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals.

  • Several glasses of juice per day is recommended; ideally, two to four glasses, in addition
    to meals, provides good balance.

  • An equal proportion of vegetable and fruits juices are advisable.

  • You can introduce to your baby, aged between six and nine months, small amounts of

  • While extracting juice, remove the skin of orange and grapefruit as they contain a toxic

  • Similarly, apple seeds contain cyanide, and hence should be removed before extracting
    juice from an apple.

  • Avoid carrot leaves, as they too are believed to have toxins.

  • Before extracting juice, wash the produce well, removing damaged or unwanted

  • Remove pits from fruits like apple, peach, plum, etc. You may retain the seeds of
    lemon, grapes, limes, etc., when extracting juice.

  • If you are fasting, always break the fast with a glass of fresh raw vegetable or fruit juice.

  • Juices of green leafy and yellow vegetables like spinach, carrot, yellow pumpkins
    contain vitamin A, riboflavin and iron.

  • Citrus fruits, tomato and raw cabbage provide ascorbic acid and iron, if taken in the
    form of fresh juice, or eaten raw.

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