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Ten Rules Regarding food.
(1) Always be mindful of the wholesomeness of food
Even alkali-genic and nutritious foods, when taken without
regard to the rules of food combinations, can generate
toxins in the body.
(2) If you are not hungry, don't eat:
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Home Made Herbal Wine for Healthy Life.
Herbs were foundation of the earliest form of medicine for
thousands of years depending almost exclusively on
flowers, bark and leaves. The scientists of 20 th century
make expedition....
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Advantages of Exercise
For maintenance of perfect health, exercise is no less
important than diet. The reason why our ancestors were
healthier and stronger than we are is that they led
comparatively much more strenuous lives. Today's
mechanization has set man against any sort of exertion.
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Three Necessity for GOOD HEALTH
Most people are born healthy and most diseases are
self-created. A person living a natural life does not fall sick.
Birds and animals are seldom sick. Human beings are the
most unnatural creatures.
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What is Clay Therapy
In the Nature Cure system, the importance of clay or mud
as an external therapeutic or a healing agent rivals that of
water itself. In fact, the therapeutic benefits derived from
the use of clay are very similar to those of hydrotherapy.
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Magnet Therapy
Experiments with magnets and their power are being
carried out extensively all over the world. Magnet is used
in small toys as well as in the rockets and satellites that
revolve in space. Magnetic waves are very useful in the
treatment of ailments.  
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Air Bath and Good Health
Air is of prime importance for life. One may live for a few
days without food or perhaps even without water. But it is
impossible to survive even for a minute or two without air.
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Gem Therapy
The various colours, their glow and vibrations act as
medicines. The main precious gems are said to be nine ---
ruby, pearl, coral, emeraldmoonstone, diamond, blue
sapphire, cat's-eye and sardonyx. The cleaner and brighter
the gem is, the greater the .....
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Hydrotherapy Home Remedies

Fundamental of Massage Therapy

Secrets of Youthful Skin

Natural Skin Moisture Control Tips

Natural Treatments for Skin
Advantages of Water
In addition to the regimen related to the internal
functioning of the body such as diet and exercise, the
Naturopathic system of healing makes use of several
remedial procedures external to the body. These
procedures are designed to achieve two aims
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Sun Bath and Good Health
Sunlight is of prime importance for perfect health. Even
school textbooks stress this basic fact. But the things we
learn from textbooks are usually left behind in the schools.
How useful and indeed essential, sunlight is in our life, finds
no place in our thoughts.
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Fundamental of Massage Therapy
Massage is another remedial procedure that occupies an
important place in Naturopathy. Actually massage has had
a very long history, dating back to ancient times. Massage
has been used therapeutically for thousands of years in
India, China, Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc.
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