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Gem  Stone Therapy is another effective way of curing
disease. The various colours, their glow and vibrations
act as medicines. The main precious gems are said to
be nine --- ruby, pearl, coral, emerald, moonstone,
diamond, blue sapphire, cat's-eye and sardonyx. The
cleaner and brighter the gem is, the greater the
efficacy of its vibrations. Precious stones can be set in
gold, silver, etc and worn on the neck or wrist or
fingers. The stone should, however, touch the body.
The stones are ground or made into ash. Powered
pearl and coral are believed to be good for heart
trouble. Powered diamond, emerald and ruby are used
in several major diseases.

A list of 75 semi-
precious stones, besides the above
mentioned precious stones, is available. Semi-precious
stones are also used in many ailments, and they are
quite efficacious. Besides the colour of the stones, the
vibrations of their glow not only help in ailments, they
can also change the temperament of a person and help
him to get rid of his bad habits.